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Personalized Family Farmhouse 10 x 10 Framed Sign
Personalized Family Farmhouse 10 x 10 Framed Sign

Personalized Family Farmhouse 10 x 10 Framed Sign

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***Turnaround Time for these Signs will be 1-3 weeks⁣.⁣***

This is our FIRST ever Personalized option for a Sign! We know many of you will love to have a sign like this in your home personalized with your Family Name and Established Year. Established Year can signify for example the year you were married, met, engaged, had children, etc.

NOTE: The Your Name, Established Year and Color for Mouse (RED or GRAY) are ALL REQUIRED to be filled out, otherwise you CANNOT reach Checkout to finish Payment.

  • Sign is approx. 10"W x 10"H x 1.75"D.
  • Frame is made out of Pine Wood that is stained Red Mahogany. The Backer where Artwork is located is painted White on the front and Black on the back.
  • The Name and Established Year are in Black. The Mouse silhouette is offered in Red or Gray.
  • Sign is ready to hang with the lip of the frame that can easily be hung on a nail or screw.  Sign can also easily be displayed on any flat surface such as a shelf or table.

Personalized Mouse Family Farmhouse 10 x 10 Framed Sign is handcrafted in our Wood Shop and each sign is unique. This is the perfect decor to keep out year round⁣!

NOTE: Each sign is Sealed to protect it. If Sign is placed outside, it should be hung under a porch/roof to protect it and ensure its longevity of enjoyment over time.  It should never be kept in direct sunlight to prevent fading and DO NOT get wet with things such as rain. This is for DECORATIVE USE ONLY and we CANNOT be held liable if damage occurs if you put this outside in the weather elements.

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