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Home Interchangeable Sign Kit Includes EXCLUSIVE 10 Icon Magnetic Pieces - FREE SHIPPING

Home Interchangeable Sign Kit Includes EXCLUSIVE 10 Icon Magnetic Pieces - FREE SHIPPING

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***Turnaround Time for these Signs will be 1-2 weeks⁣.⁣***

PLEASE NOTE: NO DISCOUNT CODES can be used on the purchase of this item.

  • Sign Kit with the included 10 Icon Magnetic Pieces is $90 PLUS FREE SHIPPING.
  • Sign is a Farmhouse Framed Wood Style Sign which allows you to easily display this on a tabletop or even hang it on the wall. Frame on the back can rest on a screw or nail to be hung on a wall.
  • Frame is made out of Pine Wood that is stained Red Mahogany. The Backer where Artwork is located is painted White on the front and Black on the back.
  • Measures 20”W x 8”H x 1.75”D.
  • H, M, E letters are 2D dimensional.
  • Magnet on the Sign allows for you to easily switch out Icon Magnetic Pieces to suit the season, celebration or your mood!
  • Sign Kit includes 10 EXCLUSIVE Icon Magnetic Pieces that are ONLY available with the kit and will NOT be sold separately. Each Icon Magnetic Piece has a Magnet on the back of it to easily switch to your liking.
  • Included 10 Icon Magnetic Pieces are the following:
    • Glitter Castle - Sizing 4.3"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Red Mouse - Sizing 5.3"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Santa Mouse - Sizing 5.1"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Pumpkin Mouse - Sizing 5.3"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Patriotic Mouse - Sizing 5"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Flower Mouse - Sizing 5"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Snowflake Mouse - Sizing 5.4"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Watermelon Mouse - Sizing 5.4"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Valentine Heart - Sizing 5.3"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
    • Birthday Hat Mouse - Sizing 5.4"W x 4.7"H x .125"D
  • Turn around time is 2-3 weeks for the Sign Kit. All items are handmade by Shelly and Steve at Pop Creative Designs. Icon Magnetic Pieces handpainted by Shelly.

NOTE: Each sign is Sealed to protect it. DO NOT PUT OUTSIDE. It should never be kept in direct sunlight to prevent fading and DO NOT get wet with things such as rain. This is for DECORATIVE USE ONLY and we CANNOT be held liable if damage occurs if you put this outside in the weather elements including humidity or rain. DO NOT store decor items in hot areas such at attics, crawl spaces, etc.

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