10 Tips On How To Live Your Best Disney Inspired Life

10 Tips On How To Live Your Best Disney Inspired Life

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance you are just as obsessed with Disney as Shelly! Literally I could somehow relate Disney to anything in life, it’s a skill that most people just find odd. But you being that Disney Obsessed Fan like me can relate, right?

So now that you’re my new Disney Friend, jump onboard the Magical Express with me to learn how to live your Best Disney Inspired Life!

Admit to your obsession! Say it out loud with me, “I have a Disney obsession!” 

Here we go, said in my pathetic impression of Peter Pan:

  1. It’s completely okay to live by Disney quotes! Whether they are from Walt himself or quotes from any Disney movie, these quotes are so inspirational.
  2. Wear that Disney shirt! If you have 30+ Disney shirts in your possession like me, where have you been my whole life best friend?!
  3. Decorate your desk, home, car, etc. with Disney decor. You don’t have to go overboard of course, whatever your heart desires.
  4. Sing your heart out and recite lines from Disney movies! If you have a friend or spouse that can do this too, you’re golden my friend!
  5. Make new Disney Friends! Whether you meet them thru the online Social Media Disney Community or otherwise.  Disney Friends do make the best friends.
  6. Wear those Disney accessories, jewelry, socks, handbag, sunglasses, etc. I can promise you that it will initiate the most fun conversations with random strangers!  Wearing Minnie Ears in regular life will get you bonus points, probably some strange looks too.
  7. It’s completely fine to go Hidden Mickey hunting when you’re not on Disney property. You’d be shocked at how many you will find!
  8. Plan fictitious trips to the Disney Parks! It’s fun to do it and honestly it helps you know when there are good deals.
  9. Watch all the Disney Vlogger YouTube videos that you want! It makes you feel like you are HOME, trust me on this!
  10. Make Disney inspired food at home. There are tons of recipes online, Mickey Waffle Makers, Mickey Cookie Cutters, etc.  At home though, Disney calories do count!

Now go off into this world and live your Best Disney inspired life!

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