Minnie Ear Holder Displays - Our #1 Selling Item!

Minnie Ear Holder Displays - Our #1 Selling Item!

Our Minnie Ear Holder Displays have become wildly popular since their online debut in mid August!  We've made, sold and shipped countless Minnie Ear Holder Displays since then.  If you are new here or haven't heard about them, well friends here are all the details on our current #1 Selling Item!  These also include FREE SHIPPING, so what are you waiting for?!

Each Minnie Ear Holder Displays measure 12.5"L x 7.75"W x 7.25"H. The center base area where your Minnie Ears rest upon is made out of Select Pine Wood. The bottom base area as well as the Mickey Head shapes bookending the holder display are made out of Medium Density Fiber Board.

Minnie Ear Holder Displays are the perfect way to show off your Minnie Ear Collection! You've spent a great deal of money on your Minnie Ears, show them off instead of throwing them in your suitcase or container! You can fit up to 10 pairs of our Minnie Ears on this! 

Minnie Ear Holder Displays can also be used to display our Knotted Headbands, Headbands and Minnie Ears!  

Want to give a friend, family member or even yourself an AMAZING & UNIQUE gift this Holiday Season?!  This item is for YOU!  Many Customers are buying one for themselves and buying another one as a gift.  You should treat yourself, right?

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