Our First Blog, a little about us!

Our First Blog, a little about us!

Hi Disney friends and kids at heart!  We're Shelly and Steve, Confessions of Disney Kids.  If you've found us, that means you're just as obsessed with Disney as we are!

A little about us!  We've both been addicted to Disney since birth.  We're both 80's babies that grew up with some of the best Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid and The Lion King playing prominent roles in our lives.  Each of us had the opportunity to experience Disney World as kids growing up with our families.  Those trips truly grew our love of Disney even more.

We met in November 2009, started dating thereafter, fell in love over Disney.  Because when you find someone else that is your match in many ways and they love Disney too, you've basically hit the LOTTERY!  Our Disney love continued when Steve proposed in front of Cinderella Castle in November 2011.  Pretty amazing right?!  Steve planned it all out for well over a year too, romantic isn't he?!

In 2013, we started our own business Pop Creative Designs in April 2013 and in November 2013 we were married!  We had our very own Disney inspired Wedding in NJ.  Every detail of our Wedding was designed by Shelly.  It was so magical and what fairy tales are made out of!  Our business has evolved a lot over the past 6 years.  It's been the most amazing adventure for us.  There is so much passion and thought in each product that we handmake.

We try to go to Disney World once a year when possible.  Our last trip was in January 2019, it was of course magical and amazing!  We LOVE all things Disney!  We have a running list of Disney Snacks Bucket List.  Not normal I know for some people, but Disney has so many different snacks and they change all the time.

We look forward to writing about all things Disney, Disney Food, Disney Tips, Disney Merch, Disney Resorts, etc.  Thank you for following along with us here at Confessions of Disney Kids!  Have a magical day! :)


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