The #1 Reason to AVOID the Disney World Morning Extra Magic Hours

The #1 Reason to AVOID the Disney World Morning Extra Magic Hours

If you’ve been to Disney World, whether you’re a seasoned pro like us or a novice first timer this is a MUST READ!

You can scour the internet searching for all sorts of Disney World advice/tips literally forever.  Many of these supposed tips include taking advantage of the Morning Extra Magic Hours.  Well, we hate the break the news to you but AVOID, I repeat AVOID them!

Here’s why seasoned pros and novice Disney friends.  You and most of the other Disney World Resort Guest literally all flock to the same park on the same day at the same time offering these Morning Extra Magic Hours.  What does this mean for you exactly?  It’s means it will be overcrowded very quickly especially once these special hours are over and the masses of regular guests flood that park.  Talk about a massive headache, right?

Here are 2 strategies that we can offer you:

  1. Go to the park with the Morning Extra Magic Hours early.  Jump on as many rides and get the heck out of that park when the regular park opening is.  You still get to take advantage of lower crowds and then you should park hop to another park for the day that doesn’t have these special Morning Extra Magic Hours.
  2. Go to any of the parks not offering the Morning Extra Magic Hours for rope drop.  The crowd levels are much lower normally and you can jump on more attractions.  If you’e feeling up to it, park hop later in the afternoon/dinner time to the park that had the Morning Extra Magic Hours.  The crowd levels normally have died down since so many guests arrived extra early and headed back to their resort rooms by then.

Of course there are always exceptions to the above advice, including Holiday Weekends or extra crowded times of the year.  BUT, we can say that with as many times as we have gone to Disney World that this is a tried and true strategy.  We live by it and literally ignore these Morning Extra Magic Hours like the plague.

We hope that this pro-tip will help you have a more magical trip to Disney World!  Let us know what you think in the comments section. Have a magical day!

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